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Landscape Design Services

We specialise in beautifying your outdoor spaces

Garden View Landscaping has commenced this business with the sole desire to create the best-looking customised landscapes for our clientele. We design gardens that add value to our client’s homes, as well as, provide them with contentment, happiness, peace in their own outdoor space. Our qualified, experienced and specialist landscaping team can perform these landscaping projects with precision to produce the best landscaping outcomes.

Our Commitment to Quality

Garden View Landscaping provides quality landscaping services. Our dedicated approach to quality means that our residential and commercial clients regularly recommend us to their friends and colleagues. Our work focuses on domestic landscapes and commercial developments ranging from practical designs for garden renovations to masterpieces. We have a strong emphasis on modern design with a view to low maintenance to provide cost-effective designs.

How It Works

We follow a simple working style that’s divided into three easy steps below:

Step #1: Book for a Preliminary Consultation

Preliminary consultation is crucial to know what landscaping services you need and what your timeline and budget are. During this preliminary consultation visit, our landscape consultant will discuss different ideas with you.

Step #2: Quote Offer

After our preliminary visit with you, we’ll offer an estimated quote detailing the costs.

Step #3: Implementation

Once the plan and quotation are accepted, your project is added to our work schedule and an approximate time to commence the work is provided. Now, you can look forward to enjoying a beautiful garden.

Landscaping Services

Your home is the most important investment and we work with you to increase the value & beauty of your home. If you have a villa, townhouse or average home in Sydney and surrounding suburbs, and want superior quality design, structural landscaping of your gardens and outdoor areas, Garden View Landscaping offers specialized structural landscaping service such as instant turf, planting, mulching, irrigation, toppings etc. for your garden.

No Job Is Too Big or Too Small

No matter how big or small your garden space is our team of experienced local landscapers will work closely with you to bring your ideas to life and create a superb outdoor environment that you can enjoy for many years to come. We are a water-wise Garden specialist. Garden View Landscaping provides installation of Block Retaining Wall, Timber Retaining Wall, Paving Work, topsoil, plants, shrubs and trees, and the positioning of architectural structures, such as gazebos, timber arches and trellises.

Implementing Landscaping Projects

Pergolas & Gazebos

If you want to enjoy your backyard throughout the year with an enclosed structure that can shield you and your family from the outside weather, then pergolas and gazebos are the best options. At Garden View Landscaping, we have an array of designs to harmonise your home interior to create a flawless look. Moreover, the structure can enlarge your living space.


Garden View Landscaping specialises in superior decking to stretch your living space, facilitating you to spend more time enjoying your backyard. Our decking is strong and vibrant and will endure any type of weather conditions and is ideal for daily use. To ensure your deck looks its best all through the year, we recommend regular maintenance. Garden View Landscaping makes use of treated timber decks, composite decking and hardwood decks, so we can guarantee that your deck will look celestial and suit your style. We can design and implement the ideal decking solution that perfectly suits your home’s exteriors.

Bamboo Fencing & Screening

Bamboo is a cost-effective and eco-friendly substitute, which can add privacy, balance a lively green garden, as well as, look incredible. Bamboo is a commonly used fencing solution that we love to work with. To create a relaxed retreat vibe, bamboo fencing is available with various textures and colours. With an array of sizes and colour shades availability, Garden View Landscaping can cater to your unique fencing and screening requirements.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a great way to split areas of your backyard through different levels increasing your garden space. At Garden View Landscaping, our retaining walls not only provide structural advantages, such as safety, draining and robustness but also are stunning and pleasing to suit your tastes and garden’s requirements. Now, you can think of turning that unused, discarded patch of grass or concrete in your backyard into an attractive wall with an elegant garden bed.

Plants and Planting

Garden View Landscaping has a huge experience and more than anything, we love plants, so it gives us immense joy and gratification to work with plants. Our professional and cordial team along with our qualified horticulturist will assist you to begin, maintain and enhance your garden. Moreover, we can help you in choosing the plants that are right for the environment and provide the look you desire, so your garden will look beautiful for years to come.

Irrigation Systems

An irrigation system is a cost-effective and efficient way of supplying water to plant roots with almost no effort. Automatic irrigation lowers your water bills and at the same time keeps your plants healthy. We will program the system to turn on and off daily as need be. Garden View Landscaping will decide whether a drip irrigation system or a sprinkler system would best suit your garden. Moreover, for irrigation systems installed by our team, we provide a limited warranty on parts and labour, so your plants will remain in a blissful state and more importantly, remain healthy in the heat.


At Garden View Landscaping, we provide a huge selection of paver colours in a variety of textures, shapes and sizes to match any design and style. Pavers can hold extreme weight, endure any type of weather conditions, and more importantly, they are an affordable alternative. Pavers can be adaptable in their design and utility, making them an excellent material to use in numerous outdoor spaces.

Replacing Lawn

If your grass on the lawn doesn’t look good enough, perhaps, it is time to replace your lawn grass. Garden View Landscaping can remove the old grass and soil, and entirely replace it with new.

Artificial Grass Installation

If you need an economical, easy to maintain grassing solution, artificial grass is the ideal option. Artificial grass is also known as synthetic turf, which is a simple substitute for a gorgeous green lawn that you can enjoy round the year.

Vertical Gardens & Green Walls

Vertical gardens and green walls look splendid in numerous spaces, and they are a versatile option that can give a pop of colour to any backyard, of any size. Moreover, vertical gardens can cover up an unpleasant wall and fence or be supported by posts or frames. Garden View Landscaping can install an automatic irrigation system and our team will always be available to help you with its ongoing maintenance, which will make vertical gardens a low maintenance option.

Fountains & Water Features

Garden View Landscaping provides an array of classic, modern or bespoke water features to seamlessly suit your garden space and budget. Fountains and water features are ideal inclusion to any green space. The soothing sound of water can transform your backyard into a peaceful haven.

Gardens on the Rooftop

If you have a rooftop space that you have ignored, but that always reminds you that you should do something about this neglected space. Garden View Landscaping can assist you to create the ideal rooftop garden to suit your requirements whether you want it for relaxing, entertaining or both. In this way, you can use your rooftop space in the best possible way.

Garden Art, Ornaments & Pots

Garden View Landscaping provides an array of elegant and cost-effective garden art, ornaments and pots to infuse creativity into your backyard.

Laser Cut Screens

Garden View Landscaping has an array of laser cut screens to balance many modern home designs. They are a stunning design feature and offers ideal privacy solution to block out neighbours. Laser-cut screens can be effectively used as walls, gates, fences or wall dividers while being a spectacular wall-art piece.

Landscape Lighting

If you want to create a lovely garden and atmosphere, then you can’t ignore landscape lighting. Through smart lighting placement, you can visually spread out your outdoor living space. Depending on what you are choosing to highlight, Garden View Landscaping can implement an array of different lighting techniques with wireless options. Landscape lighting can create a magnificent mood; more importantly, it is a resourceful option to make sure people are guided safely around your property and backyard.

Free Estimates

We provide a free estimates before committing to the completion of any job. Most of our clients value our creative ideas and landscape design suggestions. Any work is subsequently carried out or arranged solely by Garden View Landscaping to ensure that all elements of the job meet the client’s satisfaction. Garden View Landscaping is a fully insured business and Dipul draws from over 15 years of horticultural experience.

Pre-Sale Makeover

If you’re planning to sell your old home, make sure your house looks beautiful not only on the inside but also on the outside. At Garden View Landscaping, we specialise in pre-sale makeovers that are intended to add value to your property. This pre-sale transformation will not only ease your selling process but also you’ll obtain a better deal for your property.

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